1 comments Monday, May 7, 2007

here is a proud list of our diligence as renters:

1. swept, vacuumed, and scrubbed all floors, windows, ceilings, trim, fireplaces
2. scraped paint off all windows, floors, countertops
3. removed non-functional blinds and replaced with new curtains
4. installed shower rod, paper holder
5. cauked kitchen and bathroom thoroughly
6. repaired chips in porcelain sink

saffi is clearer-headed with space to roam. she sleeps curled behind our legs on the bed all night.
i have felt calmly at home from the start. all the hard house work is reminiscient of my childhood, falling asleep in the evenings on mom and dad's bed while they deconstructed or constructed our home.
but now we are the parents, with our dog-child watching. she is still suffering from the few lingering fleas. frontline and exterminators combined are no match for microscopic jumping biting specs.
i am sleepless tonight. i am searching the internet for some connection. some lost or forsaken memory to hold, to conjure into the present.
drew accidentaly dropped a beloved cup of mine. it was shaped like an owl, but with the head open. my drawing tools sat in it. it was one of those rare thrift-store finds, quiet and dirty, but i cleaned it to it's pristine condition. he was trying to unlock the door for me, both of us hands full. and we watched as it fell and burst into a thousand ceramic shards.

tomorrow i start a new drawing project and call about a design interview.